I haven't posted pictures of food on Twitter or Instagram in years. I'm taking advantage of the fact that I know most of you and I've already told you how I take bad photos of food. I revel in it. Listen up the nine of you: RECKON WITH ME.
  1. Kenny & Zuke's Reuben
    I was pretty long overdue for this Portland standard. Not pictured: noodle kugel.
  2. Eventide's Lobster Roll
    Undisputed champion of the trip. A fusion-y take on New England seafood, it's what you get if a Chinese pork bun and a Portland lobster roll had a baby. One of the best things I've ever eaten.
  3. Norumbega oysters
    I know as much about oysters as I do wine, which is to say, not a lot. These Norumbega oysters warped my brain. I should study more.
  4. J's Oyster bucket
    Take my pants off. I know Bourdain and food network blew this spot up already. Going to J's is like going to Jack in the Box. Fuck you I like it.
  5. Santarpio's
    Again. Didn't care about Boston Pizza before. I do now. Also no nonsense charcoal grill next to the bar turning out lamb, tri-tip, and sausage skewers. Don't be scared that no one you ask seems to know where east Boston is. Just go.
  6. Monica's Italian sandwich.
    Needed some local help to figure out the north end. Turns out when the cheese and meat are sliced thinly enough and the bread is fresh enough, you can create an Italian sub that doesn't kill the rest of your afternoon. It doesn't have to be stacked with meat and bullshit lettuce, the right proportions will allow the food will accept the seasoning. Balsamic not mustard. Cucumber not pickle. Just a bit of hot pepper and onion. All the flavor.
  7. Dukum Tibs
    I'm proud of myself for dealing with a four hour layover at Reagan in the middle of a cross country Portland (OR) to Portland (ME) flight with such resourcefulness and grace. Straight to the green line to U street. Tibs me out. If I could've hit a nationals game too it would've been the ultimate layover. Easily.