What's on your list?
  1. Turkey
    Except me
  2. Stuffing
    Dad's expert recipe with homemade cornbread
  3. Mashed potatoes
    Whipped to perfection by my sister
  4. Sweet potato casserole
    Not the gross kind with marshmallows. Ours is mildly sweet and has pineapple
  5. Cranberry sauce
    Homemade for the last 10 years or so after realizing how much better it is
  6. Cranberry jello salad
    A favorite of my Aunt Patti. Cranberry or cherry jello crammed with apples, pecans, celery, pineapple and obviously cranberries
  7. Cranberry-orange relish
    Shamefully adopted by my mum after seeing it on the Today Show, but it's really good
  8. Gravy
    Homemade by dad
  9. Green beans
    Of some sort - most recently in a casserole topped with shallots, a contribution from my sister's BF
  10. Rolls
    Homemade yeast rolls
  11. Pies
    Pecan, apple, pumpkin and mince, all homemade
  12. Scuppernong or muscadine juice/wine
    Local grape varieties
  13. Cava
    We like Spain. This replaced the sparkling cider we had when I was a kid.
  14. Hot mulled cider
    For drinking during the parade in the morning
  15. Hot chocolate
  16. Popcorn and cranberries
    For stringing into garland during the parade - but goes on the list because half of them get eaten