1. Collection of vases or glassware in eclectic styles but the same color
  2. Large group of model animals from a toy or craft store, all spray-painted gold
  3. A single tiny flower in a single tiny vase
  4. Cloche or large bowl filled with Christmas ornaments (seasonal)
  5. Garland made of printed-out Instagram photos attached to twine with mini-clothespins
  6. Vintage picture frame with nothing in it
  7. Commemorative plates, displayed ironically
  8. Block printing letter with their initial on it
  9. Rotary phone or vintage camera
  10. Large print of a deer head made out of flowers
  11. Tiny trees or branches, covered in glitter
  12. Washi tape art
  13. 1-3 clothbound books
  14. Midcentury alarm clock that may or may not work
  15. Set of mismatched teacups made into candles