I honestly love my Starbucks job so much. However, on my ten minute breaks I have no clue what to do. Here's what I did today
  1. Think about how much my knee hurts
  2. Drink my cold hot latte that I made earlier in the morning but didn't have time to drink
  3. Almost trip people 10000000x because my legs are stretched out.. (See 1)
  4. Stare at my boss who is on warming and try to see if he is in a good mood or not
  5. Remember that in 5 I'm gonna be on the floor with my boss and freak out a little
  6. Stare for two minutes at the floor or space cause who knows why
  7. Stare at all the black shoes running around and then wonder why I have on brown ones and if they are even allowed...
  8. Read list and Twitter
  9. Decide to do a list post
  10. Get fidgety because I wanna jump back on floor
  11. Stare at my phone till my ten is up