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2016 has been a great year. I've watched, listened, read, pondered, and discovered many new things. Here's my best of 2016...
  1. T.V. Episode - Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 "The Broken Man"
    Everyone was raving about "The Battle Of The Bastards", but when I watched the cold open of this episode, (where a tall man is carrying a large log by himself, and then drops it and turns to face the camera revealing the face of Sandor "The Hound" Clegane) I actually yelled "Fuck yes" out loud, even though I was sitting by myself. One of the finest moments of T.V.
  2. Movie - Hell Or High Water
    Two brothers robbing banks, but not for riches, but to save the family ranch from being taken by the chain of banks they are stealing from, in hopes of passing it on to the next generation. Excellent screenplay from Taylor Sheridan
  3. Album - Battles, In Flames
    Much better than their previous effort Sirens, Battles kicks ass on every level and reminds me why I'm in love with this band. The title track wins it for me.
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Stealing from Tim Ferriss here...
  1. Do it now.
    You're not gonna get the time that you're wasting back, so get at it.
  2. Spend money on experiences rather than things.
    You're gonna remember that road trip or flight to somewhere exotic over that new electronic distraction.
  3. Read more.
    You can only benefit from it. No one ever became dumber from excessive reading.
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  1. Failure is inevitable.
    It's gonna happen... how you deal with it is the key to pushing forward.
  2. Time is your most precious commodity .
    It is simultaneously the most fleeting and most powerful tool you can utilize.
  3. Saying you'll do something is taking a step, while actually doing it is running a marathon.
    Acting on the things you speak of will carry you much farther down the road you travel.
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  1. Jefferson's Very Small Batch
    Smooth and rounded.
  2. Four Roses Small Batch
    Nice smoky caramel and vanilla flavors.
  3. Bulleit Bourbon
    A steal at $24 a bottle.
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  1. The Tim Ferris Show
  2. Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon
  3. Happy Sad Confused
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In no particular order...
  1. Come Clarity - In Flames
  2. Mutter - Rammstein
  3. The End Of Heartache - Killswitch Engage
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Five things I remember vividly...
  1. 1.
    It was a labret
  2. 2.
    I was on a date when I got it.
  3. 3.
    The guy who pierced me was older than my dad at the time, and yet he had enough piercings and tattoos to rival any Hard Rocker.
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