Stealing from Tim Ferriss here...
  1. Do it now.
    You're not gonna get the time that you're wasting back, so get at it.
  2. Spend money on experiences rather than things.
    You're gonna remember that road trip or flight to somewhere exotic over that new electronic distraction.
  3. Read more.
    You can only benefit from it. No one ever became dumber from excessive reading.
  4. Make yourself uncomfortable.
    By introducing yourself to someone you would normally be shy around, or by an experience you're unfamiliar with. The worst that can happen is you make yourself look like a fool (we've all done that plenty of times anyway, so go for it).
  5. Write it down.
    A dream, story idea, joke, or any other random shit you might forget. The only thing you'll waste by writing things down are ink and paper, so do it often.
  6. Say no.
    To the distractions that are eating into your only non-renewable resource (time).
  7. Say yes.
    To experiences, chances to learn, and people that enrich your life.