As a new mom, I was unprepared for the very best parts of motherhood
  1. The first time they smile at you
  2. The first time they laugh
  3. Learning every setting on your washing machine
  4. The feeling of success when you leave for work in the same clothes you picked out that very morning
  5. Getting to blame literally everything, and I mean everything, on mommy-brain or hormones
  6. Built in excuse for every bachelorette party or social function you just don't want to go to
  7. Learning and repeating terrible dad jokes (ex: what is brown and sticky? A stick)
  8. Being able to leave the house without two thoughts on how you look that day - you have a baby dammit, you can't be expected to brush your hair!
  9. Two words: tax deduction
  10. Endless snuggles
  11. Seeing your spouse/partner hug and kiss your baby
  12. Sloppy, messy, unbelievably life affirming baby kisses
  13. Really knowing, understanding, and experiencing unconditional love