1. Florida
    Several times, including once for work
  2. Georgia
    Just in the airport
  3. Illinois
    Several times, for both work and vacation, to Chicago
  4. Indiana
    Several times, to visit an aunt and uncle, for work and to go to the awesome Children's Museum
  5. Kentucky
    Several times, to visit a friend, and to go the awesome Newport Aquarium
  6. Maryland
    Just driving through on the way to DC
  7. Michigan
    A few times, to get to the airport and to visit a grad school
  8. Minnesota
    For work
  9. New York
    To see Niagara Falls
  10. North Carolina
    For a friend's wedding
  11. Ohio
    Actually, I live here
  12. Oregon
    For vacation and to visit Portland as a test run to see if we wanted to live there. I did not.
  13. Pennsylvania
    A few times, to visit Pittsburgh and to go Ikea
  14. Texas
    For a friend's wedding
  15. Utah
    Just in the airport
  16. Virginia
    2004 Rock-n-roll half marathon in Virginia Beach
  17. Washington
    As a kid for an uncle's wedding and same trip as visiting Portland
  18. West Virginia
    Mostly just driving through on the way to other places
  19. Wisconsin
    For work