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Mostly kiddie sweets. I prefer small packets as I often eat them all in one go. What are your favourites?
  1. Dolly mixtures
    My go to comfort food. My sister and I buy them for each other.
  2. White chocolate buttons
    With or without hundreds and thousands on them.
  3. Jelly Tots
3 more...
  1. Looking at EU referendum odds
    I'm hoping the bookmakers have got it right
  2. I worry about my cat
    Would this be as good as brushing her teeth?
  3. Opera performances
    For an opera-loving housemate
2 more...
  1. The sun
    Duh! How often is it hot in the UK?!
  2. Watching my cat play in the garden
    Frankie loves exploring.
  3. Sitting in the park
  4. Homemade frittata
    Some unconventional vegetable choices which worked.