How I've been dealing

Since the world turned upside down when my fellow citizens elected a fascist.
  1. Playing the Hamilton soundtrack over and over again
  2. Joining that secret FB group
  3. Giggling at Joe Biden memes
  4. Ordering a safety pin necklace from Etsy
  5. Subscribing to the Guardian
  6. Spending the week of Thanksgiving with my parents
  7. Interviewing for a position elsewhere
  8. Refinancing my house to pay off debt
  9. Hosting 13 people for Thanksgiving at my house, including visitors from the UK
  10. Deeply appreciating that my parents political views are in alignment with mine
  11. Watching this shit show of post election fuckery
  12. Crying every time Washington and Hamilton sing One Last Time because I will miss our POTUS
  13. Cheering the Cubbies - the one thing 2016 got right