Every year, we host a pumpkin carving party. Some of our friends have been coming since 2002. Many of us have gotten married, had kids, even divorced. Lots of life has happened in the last 14 years. Now - One of us has been diagnosed with ALS.
  1. β€’
    I loved seeing the huge smile on my friend's face. She had a great time.
    She has always loved this party. Her kids, one a teenager now, carve pumpkins because she can't. We don't know how far her disease will progress by this time next year. We just focus on the fact that she's still with us THIS year.
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    We hired a professional photobooth and they were FANTASTIC.
    I rarely get to take pics because, as the hostess, I'm too slammed busy. This was a great alternative and also entertaining.
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    The kids had so much fun with our handmade thought bubble πŸ—― signs.
    Lots of them used LOL, BFFs, MEH, SERIOUSLY?, and more.
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    Hahaha, the Poop πŸ’© Emoji hat!
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    Her motorized wheelchair raises and lowers.
    Watching her go higher to reach food on the counter was fascinating and also shows how determined she is to stay "abled" as long as she can. Her van is a wonder, with its motorized ramp and controls that allow her to keep driving. She has always been full of grit and can-do attitude.
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    Inviting a new family to the party and having it turn out they KNOW my friend with ALS
    Turns out, their babies were in daycare together and they'd lost touch over the years. How wonderful that they got to connect again.
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    Seeing the dads sneak off to the big screen tv to watch Game 4.
    Go, Cubbies!!! This was definitely a "first" for this party. We usually play a spooky kids movie on the big screen. Loved that the World Series was playing instead.
  8. β€’
    Looking around and noticing the diversity at my party
    We had three POC families. A mixed race Asian family. A retired couple from England. One naturalized citizen. One daughter of an immigrant. One Latina who can say "America came to us". A child on the spectrum. One devoutly Jewish mom. One single mom who never married. Another single trying to become a mom through science. A few gun owners. Some churchgoers, some atheists. At least one Trump supporter. (Sadly, my LGBT friends had other plans last night but have attended in years past.)
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    This, THIS RIGHT HERE, is what makes America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ great.
    We're all different. We don't agree on everything. We don't have to, in order to enjoy each other's company. Fun and friends and family and food bring us together. And keep us together through good times and bad.
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    I don't need your tacky red trucker's hat. Our country is already great. Your hatefulness is what's threatening it.
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    Now I need to get out of bed and survey the damage from last night.
    Believe it or not, I love that part, too. Solo cups everywhere and potato chips crushed on the floor means they enjoyed themselves.
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    P. S. Fuck you, too, Depression.
    This party is my Patronus.