I've accepted a job in the Seattle area and start in two weeks. Super excited about the opportunity and moving to the pnw, but FL has been home for two decades.
  1. Publix
    Hands down the best customer service ever. Clean, friendly, convenient, take your groceries to your car every time. Love them.
  2. Sunny days
    Some days I leave the office for a quick walk and dose of Vitamin D. Better than caffeine when I'm sluggish.
  3. Sitting on my covered back porch with tbe cats or with friends. Screened lanais are common here. Not so much up north.
  4. Family
    My in laws live here and it's nice having family nearby for holidays and for helping when things are crazy with our schedules. I don't really know anyone in WA.
  5. Disney tickets
    Ok, maybe a little. It's definitely a nice perk.
  6. Cruises
    We don't cruise often but it's nice having so many options here.
  7. Friends
    I know I'll make new ones eventually but it's nice to have people you really KNOW and trust to hang around.