1. You look really familiar; have I seen you somewhere before?
  2. I never have more than two. (re: drinks)
  3. Funny story: I actually make a really good boyfriend.
  4. That's hilarious.
  5. That is so funny.
  6. That's really funny.
  7. [laughter]
  8. I REALLY never have more than five. (re: drinks)
  9. I basically had a double major.
  10. I'm pretty much running the place.
  11. I know what you mean.
  12. Oh yeah, I read that somewhere.
  13. That is literally the craziest thing I've ever heard.
  14. I literally can't eat any more of this.
  15. So, listen, I gotta get up early in the morning. I have this thing for work...
  16. I'm sorry I haven't called you; things have been pretty busy.
  17. No I can't on Friday. I have a thing on Friday.
  18. I wrote this song in like five minutes. It's not very good.
  19. I honestly never think about him anymore. (re: Blake)
  20. More than ten, but less than twenty. (re: women)
  21. It's this dumb work party; if you don't want to go I won't hold it against you.
  22. No, that sounds like a lot of fun.
  23. You were the handsomest guy there.
  24. Yeah, they seem really cool. (re: work friends)
  25. Wow, I... love you too.
  26. I've never felt like this before.
  27. This moment, right here, is the happiest moment of my life.
  28. Yes.
  29. Yeah.
  30. No.
  31. Definitely.
  32. I love them. (re: earrings)
  33. It's delicious. (re: soup)
  34. I just feel like we get each other in a way most couples don't.
  35. I WAS listening.
  36. I didn't even notice her.
  37. Just a guy I work with.
  38. You're reading too much into things.
  39. He's like a brother!
  40. I would never. That would be so weird.
  41. I've never thought of her in that way.
  42. Well, that's really wonderful.
  43. I am not being passive aggressive; I really think it's wonderful.
  44. I don't know what "tone" you're talking about.
  45. I'm telling you it's wonderful.
  46. I love your friends. You know I love your friends.
  47. What are you talking about? You're great at parties.
  48. I didn't notice. (re: weight gain)
  49. I'm telling you, you look exactly the same to me.
  50. I told you red. (re: wine)
  51. I definitely said red.
  52. I checked the weather before we left.
  53. I didn't see your text until I was already on my way home.
  54. They want it to be just the guys; no girlfriends.
  55. I think it's stupid, personally, but what can you do?
  56. I'll tell them you said that.
  57. You don't need to apologize to me.
  58. I think the most important thing is honesty.
  59. It's fine.
  60. Fine.
  61. It's really fine.
  62. I told you it's fine.
  63. I'm fine.
  64. Of course I'm happy for you! (re: promotion)
  65. I can listen and check my emails at the same time.
  66. I don't keep track of those things the way you do. (re: who "won" argument)
  67. I do trust you. (re: Blake)
  68. Okay, you're right.
  69. I am not just saying that so you'll shut up, do you know how degrading that is?
  70. She seems really nice.
  71. It doesn't bother me.
  72. Just do whatever you want; I don't have an opinion one way or the other.
  73. It was just coffee!
  74. I think you're overreacting.
  75. I'm sorry.
  76. I had to work late.
  77. I told you, I was at work.
  78. Why would I lie about being at work? I don't understand you.
  79. I actually have no idea what you're talking about.
  80. I really don't.
  81. Truly.
  82. This? Whatever this is? It's all in your head.
  83. You don't know me. At all.
  84. I didn't mean it like that.
  85. I don't deserve this.
  86. I'm just thinking, what's going to be best for YOU?
  87. All I want is for you to be happy.
  88. I think maybe the problem is I love you TOO much. Could that be the problem?
  89. Once everything settles down at work, things will get easier with us.
  90. If you would just come home, we could talk about this like adults.
  91. That is so mean; I do not have one foot out the door.
  92. Damn it, we can make this work. I want to make this work. I am dedicated to making this work.
  93. I actually think that fight was really good for us, as a couple.
  94. I am never going to hurt you like that again.
  95. I believe you.
  96. I love you.
  97. I love you too.