Just add set-ups and these jokes are GOOD TO GO!
  1. Six. One to change the lightbulb and five to tweet about how “political correctness has gone too far.”
  2. One to go out with the lightbulb for seven years and then break up with it because it “doesn’t change.”
  3. One to post a selfie with the lightbulb and five thousand to like the selfie.
  4. Four. One to buy a new socket, one to reroute the wiring, one to replace the switch with a dimmer, and one to look at the bulb and wonder why it still isn’t turning on.
  5. One to change the bulb and one to be nostalgic for the old bulb that didn’t work.
  6. Three to each sit around in the dark hoping one of the other two will do it.
  7. One to make the story all about how the LIGHTBULB changed HIM.