1. In 2006, The New York Times called her "a stunning Juilliard graduate who has the glow of a star in the making."
  2. She's a teetotaler.
  3. She once played a character called Cherry Daiquiri in the movie Choke.
  4. Wait... Teetotaler? Doesn't that mean she doesn't drink?
  5. She's been cast on a new Netflix show to debut in 2016.
  6. Why doesn't she drink?
  7. She has done a voice part on American Dad.
  8. I don't trust people that don't drink.
  9. She's a fan of professional wrestling.
  10. Okay now I'm really confused.
  11. What's so confusing? A wrestling fan can't also be an actress?
  12. No, sure that's fine. But a wrestling fan that doesn't drink? Doesn't pass the smell test.
  13. Agree to disagree then. Can we at least agree she's a solid actress with a bright future?
  14. Totally. Shame she doesn't drink though.