In no particular order and not necessarily all of them
  1. Bart vs Australia
  2. 22 Short Films about Springfield
    I went to the McDonalds restaurant in Shelbyville...
  3. Das Bus
  4. Cape Feare
    Bake em away, Toys.
  5. Treehouse of Horror V
  6. Homer vs Patty and Selma
    Let em all go to hell, except cave 76!
  7. Homer vs the 18th amendment
  8. Homerpalooza
  9. The Cartridge Family
  10. Selma's Choice
    The one where they go to duff gardens
  11. Homer to the Max
  12. Trilogy of Error
    The one with the grammar robot
  13. E-I-E-I-annoyed grunt
    Glove slap
  14. Radio Bart
  15. Burns verkaufen der kraftwerk
  16. Marge vs monorail
  17. Homer badman
    2,4,6,8! Homer's crime was very great! Great meaning large or immense, we mean it in the pejorative sense!
  18. King size Homer
    This probably is in my top five
  19. Homer the Smithers
    Look, season 7 is absolutely perfect.
  20. A Milhouse Divided
    Can I borrow a feeling?
  21. Hurricane Neddy
    Definitely my favorite Flanders episode.
  22. Mountain of Madness
  23. Behind the Laughter
    Season 11 finale.
  24. New Kids on the Blecch
    Season 12. The last season I fully watched as it aired. There is no greatness after this season.