I saw it for free, but there is a chance I would have paid because I'm never gonna give up on Tom Cruise. Not ever. He adopted black children. American ones.
  1. Confidential top secrets being opened up on a Dell laptop.
    Did Apple not approve the script or something?
  2. Not enough Simon Pegg.
  3. Too much Jeremy Renner.
    He sunk even lower from 2nd string Bourne to superfluous Avenger to Ethan Hunt's guy in the office. That's so wack. (Same goes for ghost protocol)
  4. Doing the signature stunt from Passenger 57.
    Nobody jumps on the outside of a plane like Wesley Snipes.
  5. Feeling concerned about Ving Rhames weight every time he was on screen.
  6. When Tom Cruise didn't wear a helmet on the motorcycle.
    It was pretty baller, but a bad example for the kids.