1. 6 pack of the strawberry yogurt
    It's always 3 strawberry 3 banana. I can tolerate banana, but I would like an only strawberry pack.
  2. The crunchy noodles for salads
    Magically, they always have the crunchies in the pre-made salads, but are never for sale separately.
  3. Heinz ketchup
    I like TJ brand everything else, but I only eat Heinz ketchup and it's annoying having to go to another store.
  4. Customers who know how to not stand in the middle of the aisle staring off into space.
    What are you doing?
  5. A freezer section with doors
    I just feel like they are wasting energy letting all the cold escape.
  6. Cheaper cold press juices
    I'm hooked on the cold press!! But they are 5 bucks a pop.
  7. Checkout clerks who don't pitch you screenplay ideas
    I thought making up a fake job would stop that, but it didn't.
  8. A drive thru
    Everyone knows exactly what they want as soon as they go in. The parking sucks. Lemme just pre-order my groceries and pick them up without getting out of my car.