With Black Mass coming out, I thought this was appropriate.
  1. Johnny Depp
    Please stop making fun of his scarves and rings and bracelets and costumes and gold teeth and stuff. Or at least watch Arizona Dream before you do. Yeah, he lost his way for a bit (2003-present), but I don't think he's finished.
  2. Hugh Grant
  3. Tom Cruise
    I just think he makes good choices
  4. Mel Gibson
    I know, but Payback, tho.
  5. James Dean
    I came to the realization that I didn't like his acting years ago, but he's dead, so...
  6. Tom Sizemore
    He's gonna pull it together one day. I know it.
  7. Val Kilmer
    I don't care if he got fat and is playing Mark Twain on stage for some reason. He was the first Batman to say "chicks dig the car." I think. I don't know. He was tight in Tombstone.