1. i went to ed sheeran's signing for his first album + in 2011 in a record store in bristol.
  2. at the time i was a huge fan. ed sheeran got me into music, he's one of the main reasons i love music like i do now, he introduced me to it.
  3. in the line an older couple walked by, a husband and wife. the wife asked her husband what we were queuing for. he replied "the bloke out of harry potter, i think."
  4. when i eventually got to the table ed was at he asked me the fateful question (after we'd said hello)
  5. "so, what's your favourite song on the album?" he asked, innocently.
  6. "i can't answer that, it would be like asking me to pick my favourite child!" i replied.
  7. silence. weird look from ed.
  8. bear in mind, i'm about 14.
  9. "NOT that i have any kids..." i added, having suddenly realised what i'd just implied.
  10. awkward laugh from ed.
  11. my cd was signed, i had to go. not before i did the lamest thing i have EVER done.
  12. i fist bumped him.
  13. i gave ed sheeran the most awkward and weird fist bump in the history of (probably) both of our lives. or anyone's.
  14. tragic.