1. i was 16, it was my first shift of my first ever job
  2. i was put on tills, i hadn't been trained, the girl next to me briefly showed me the screen and that was it
    she said 'you'll get the hang of it'
  3. it was a saturday lunch time at one of the busiest times of the year
    and the store i was working in at the time was the busiest in my town
  4. i was completely overwhelmed
  5. i had no idea where stuff was kept or procedure or anything
  6. i messed a guys order up
  7. he lost his mind
  8. he shouted and screamed at me. telling me i was stupid ect.
  9. i explained that it was my first shift and i hadn't been trained and i was really sorry
    i was furiously trying not to cry
  10. he then yelled at my manager for not training me
  11. that manager then yelled at me when the customer left with his free meal
  12. that manager was then unpleasant to me for the whole year i worked at that store
    despite the fact i was a good employee
  13. please don't be rude to fast food workers, it all has implications and they are still people
  14. and the job is shit enough already