from my dearest friend ben. thank you, ben. as always.
  1. 'it is in your interest to live your life with zero dependency on others for health reasons, for well-being reasons, for you reasons'
  2. 'it is imperative that you push for that light at the end of the tunnel, reach for good health and the ability to sit with your own thoughts and feelings'
  3. 'only YOU are the captain of your ship and its up to YOU to forge ahead and make your life as amazing as it possibly can be. People will bring you down, or make you feel insignificant, but you can't listen to them.'
  4. 'fighting for your sanity only makes you more mentally apt.'
  5. 'that's how you need to frame your mindset. Challenges, that although make you fucking anxious, will push you to be more connected with your own self and the world around you. SO, please, push yourself to get out there and live and seek the help you need, regardless of the challenges you overcome.'