just one of those nights
  1. ed sheeran won a grammy
    i have been following his music since around 2010, i bought a cd off him at a gig once. he is the reason i love music, and for that he'll always be important to me. his music has got me through a lot, and he worked so hard to get to this point. i'm super proud.
  2. i saw a video of lions at a circus being forced to do tricks. it made me so sad and angry, they began to attack the trainers, which made me even more sad as it showed in what state those poor lions were.
  3. realised i might never see my best friend again because of distance and money and life.
    i miss him too
  4. i trapped my finger in my bathroom door
  5. i can't sleep
  6. couldn't find my toothbrush
  7. found my toothbrush
  8. ate all my cadbury animal biscuits