1. fill kettle.
  2. boil.
  3. throw teabag into mug of choice.
    fun and dangerous!
  4. look for biscuits as you wait for the kettle to boil.
  5. do a little dance of joy when you find ginger nuts in your cupboard.
  6. pour water onto tea bag
    do NOT fill the mug to the top.
  7. add a splash of milk.
  8. wait with bated breath.
  9. smush the teabag against the side of the mug with a teaspoon until the tea is the perfect colour
    this is obviously up to you, but the darker the better.
  10. remove teabag
  11. don't even think about adding sugar.
  12. dip your biscuit into the tea. now this is risky business. leave it in just long enough to melt it BUT be careful you don't want it to cascade to the bottom of mug because that ruins everything. it's a skill you must develop over time.
  13. drink tea at its optimum temperature.
    it's gotta be hot but not so hot you have to slurp it.
  14. easy.