1. okay, so you know those little moments in life?
  2. the little moments that make big, important memories.
  3. moments where you wish you could take a photo, but can't as it would ruin said moment, wouldn't capture said moment effectively or don't have a camera to hand
  4. moments you want to replay, because it could be the moment you fell in love with someone or the moment you stepped of the plane into your new home
  5. we all have those amazing moments that are now memories. the memories get smudged around the edges, peoples' faces lose their shape, you can't remember it exactly
  6. so i want something that captures those moments
  7. from a few angles;
  8. your point of view.
  9. the other people in the moment's point of view.
  10. and the view of an outsider.
  11. so imagine walking down the aisle or standing at the altar. you'd get what you see, what your other human sees and what you look like to the rest of the world.
  12. it captures them like little gifs and you can access them whenever.
  13. they never disintegrate or change.
  14. they always stay as those lovely little moments.