1. Office: desk
  2. Office: Filing cabinet
  3. Living room: lamp
  4. Living room: area rug
  5. Living room: floating shelves around tv
  6. Living room: catch all table/shelf next to front door
  7. Kitchen: small pub table and chairs
  8. Kitchen: hutch?
  9. Kitchen: blinds/curtains?
  10. Kitchen: hang pictures/ art
  11. Bonus Room: paint (white wash)
  12. Bonus Room: hang pictures
  13. Bedroom: paint (grey)
  14. Bedroom: new pillow shams
  15. Bedroom: wall decor?
  16. Bedroom: fix tv cords
  17. Bedroom: closet door?
  18. Bedroom: new furniture
  19. Living room: new tv stand? Paint old dresser?
  20. Spare bedroom: paint
  21. Master bath: shelves above toilet
  22. Spare bath: shelves?
  23. Spare bath: wall decor
  24. Hallway: wall decor
  25. Yard: veggie garden
  26. Yard: plant flowers
  27. Yard: take out ugly bird feeders/ redo them
  28. Yard: fence