I look fairly low maintenance but it's all a sham.
  1. Snail bee high concentrate essence
    It's from a Korean brand and has really made my skin better in the last month. Brian hates that I put something that came from snails on my face, but whatevs.
  2. Donkey milk steam cream
    Also a Korean brand. The best moisturizer ever, enough to make me look dewy without breaking me out or looking greasy. Yes, it's made from donkey milk.
  3. Mandelic acid peel
    I do this once a week. Makes my face super smooth and is fading uneven spots.
  4. Caudalie Divine Oil
    I think this smells like a rich old grandma but I've used it on my face, body and hair and it's great. It's expensive though so I only use it sparingly on my hair.
  5. Coconut oil
    This is my daily makeup remover and also makes for a good hair treatment.
  6. Clio tinted tattoo kill brow
    Another Korean discovery. Very helpful since I have super sparse brows. This has made my morning makeup routine so much faster.
  7. Algenist SPF 50 sunblock
    I just recently decided to wear sunblock daily, so that I can look as good as my mom when I'm 60.
  8. Using shaving cream as hair texturizer
    Sounds bizarre, but it works great for my hair texture and current length.