My weekend in a nutshell.
  1. Had a fancy dinner at The Ranch with the Davises.
    What a fun double date! We had planned on having a wild night out, but after eating we all decided against going out because climbing into bed early sounded like a fun plan. (Totally forgot to take a picture, I don't think I ever take pictures with my friends.)
  2. I couldn't sleep, so I gave myself a haircut
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    This photo is cut off, so my hair isn't that short, but I did cut off almost 4 inches.
  3. Brunch at the Boathouse in Long Beach
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    Yummy food, great view. Will have to come back for the mimosas!
  4. Being tourists at the Queen Mary
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    I'm a terrible tourist because literally this is the only one I took of the whole ship.
  5. Spent a lot of time thinking about all the craziness going on in the world
    Just so incredibly saddened by the evil in the world and the negativity in how some people choose to respond to things.
  6. Billiards
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    Brian's favorite date activity. I actually beat him twice today!
  7. Here is 7 pounds of pork butt
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    Alice asked for carnitas so I obliged 🐷 #chinohillsfatties