Reasons Brian Is the Best Roommate Ever

Obviously we are more than roomies, just an inside joke between us...
  1. He makes me coffee every day.
    Even when he went on a coffee hiatus, he still made it for me just the way I like it.
  2. He's a really good omelette maker.
  3. He does the laundry without being asked.
    Although I secretly think it's because he runs out of undies first.
  4. Free massages any time
  5. He's so funny.
    Seriously, sometimes we won't even watch anything and we'll spend hours laughing about random things.
  6. He is almost always in a good mood.
    Unless he's hangry. But he always wakes up with a smile.
  7. We like watching the same shows.
    Well, almost... Except for Scandal, and all my true crime documentaries...
  8. He can open jars and reach things on the top shelf.
    Very important when you're short and have small hands.
  9. He kills all the bugs.
  10. He is pretty to look at.
    Doesn't hurt 😉