Fantasy suites galore 🌹🌹 (with extra commentary from my husband who claims he doesn't watch this show)
  1. Floating down the river looked relaxing but Ben and Caila are so awkward, I can't even watch.
  2. How can Ben say he was in the deepest relationship with Caila but not be in love with her?
    Brian thinks she is the "plant" that producers want to be the next bachelorette.
  3. Sex panther, activate!!
  4. Is anyone else grossed out by these baby turtles? Just me? Ok.
  5. That was an actual sweet and seemingly genuine moment between Ben and Lauren.
    I think she's the winner.
  6. Jojo's bikini probably came right off when she jumped into that waterfall.
    Brian said, "well I guess Ben likes her implants."
  7. Saying "I love you" to 2 women? Way to make this season dramatic, finally.
  8. Caila really has that Kelly Kapowski thing going on.
  9. Brian: "Jojo is the poor man's Isla Fisher." Buuuuurn!
  10. Why the heck are we dragging this rose ceremony out and playing suspenseful music after he already said Caila went home??
  11. Proof that Jojo is a cold blooded killa: