I can't be the only one who has heightened anxiety during that time between getting into bed and actually falling asleep...can I?
  1. I didn't accomplish as much as I needed to today
  2. There's always tomorrow.
  3. I said that last night...
  4. Oh shoot I need to set an alarm. What time do I need to wake up?
  5. Okay so if need to be there at 930, I need to leave by 9:05..9:10 at the latest so I need to start showering by no later than 8:05 so I need to wake up at 8 so I need to set the first alarm at 730 bc I'll hit snooze a few times.
  6. I won't have time for Starbucks.
  7. I hate the people who can go more than one day without washing their hair.
  8. I should also set an alarm to wake me up at 4am so when I wake up I will get satisfaction knowing I still have a few more hours to sleep
  9. Do other people do that?
  10. I wonder what "he" is doing tonight.
  11. Stop. Don't think about him. Stop, Rebekah.
  12. I need to say my prayers.
  13. Does it make my pray half-assed in God's eye if I have to remind myself to do it?
  14. Does it also make it half-assed if my mind is thinking a million other things while I pray?
  15. Do you HAVE to make the sign of the cross to signify the start and end of a prayer?
  16. If I don't do that, does it not count? Doesn't He just know I'm praying?
  17. Am I doing this wrong? How do other people pray?
  18. I feel like I say the same thing every night. Does God think I'm lazy?
  19. *pulls out phone to do a google search* "how to pray"
  20. I'm a terrible Catholic.
  21. The internet is a black hole.
  22. What if I sleep alone for the rest of my life?
  23. When is the last time I washed my sheets?
  24. Ugh I didn't brush my teeth.
  25. I should brush them, but I'm comfy and warm in bed. And lazy.
  26. My gums are already receding. I am going to lose my teeth if I don't brush them.
  27. Well, it's just one night. I'll be fine.
  28. Okay, let's find a movie to put on while I fall asleep.
  29. I hate committing to a new movie. I don't know if I will like any of these.
  30. Why isn't Argo available? I know I like that.
  31. Ugh, there is nothing on Netflix or Amazon.
  32. I should charge my phone while I sleep
  33. But I won't. Airplane mode.
  34. Fuck it, I'm taking a sleeping pill.