Simpsons Episodes That Make Me Cry

It happens more often the older I get.
  1. "Lisa's Substitute"
    Lisa's class gets a sub, and for the first time she finds an adult that connects with and challenges her. He eventually leaves, as subs do, and Lisa follows him to the train station, where he gives her a note and tells her to read in case she ever feels lost and I CAN'T WITH THIS EPISODE.
  2. "Stark Raving Dad"
    The A plot of this episode is typically zany and includes Homer making a friend in a mental institution who thinks he's Michael Jackson. But in the B plot, Bart forgets Lisa's birthday, and Lisa's like really, ACTUALLY disappointed in her brother, so he teams up with fake (real) Michael to sing her a song (
  3. "New Kid On The Block"
    Bart falls in love with the slightly older girl next door/babysitter. Bart's infatuation is written so well, and when he realizes she, understandably, falls for someone her own age, you feel every young heartbreak you ever had. There's a dream sequence where she literally crushes his heart that legit gave me anxiety when I was a kid.
  4. "Marge Be Not Proud"
    Bart steals a video game around Christmas, Marge finds out and he feels the full weight of her disappointment. To make it up to her, he helps give her their first nice family Christmas portrait.
  5. "And Maggie Makes Three"
    When Lisa asks why they don't have any baby pictures of Maggie, Homer tells the story of how her birth forced him to give up his dream job at the bowling alley and return to the nuclear power plant. The episode's most remembered for this image.