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I'm currently on the train back to Boston from home. It's about 7 AM and I can already feel myself getting drowsy. This list is probably the only thing keeping me awake, so, without further Adeu, here's the primary list of things that put me out like a light.
  1. 1.
    I think this is the case for most people. For me,less than 6 hours of sleep and there's no use even cracking the book.
  2. 2.
    Binging shows on an iPad
    I've got a bad habit of starting new shows right before bed and then barely making it through a 30-minute episode. My recent uphill battle has been Steven Merchant's comedy "Hello Ladies." I would recommended it, sadly it hasn't been renewed after its first season on HBO.
  3. 3.
    Riding the Train
    I particularly loathe this occurrence, there's nothing like waking up after a 1 hour nap to the Conductor screaming that we are, in fact, at South station. The foggy feeling coupled with the freezing walk to class makes me wish I never signed up for a class before noon.
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The day has come, it's time to write my first list. Shoutout to Bri for harassing me into making this not-at-all indulgent list of her virtues. Also thank you to Taylor (Bri's best friend and my girlfriend) for grabbing my phone and downloading this handy app.
  1. Her willingness to change her mind upon first impression.
    I have the unfortunate habit of dealing with awkward situations by blurting out the elephant in the room. In this case the elephant was the fact that Bri and I had never talked, even after Taylor informed me that Bri was in fact in my class (her seat was right next to me). I walked right up to Bri, introduced myself, and meandered though a conversation for 10 excruciating minutes after class had let out. I'm sorry Bri, but at least I was better than the people discussing the existence of Santa.
  2. Her Bookshelf.
    I mistook it for a section of a quaint, old-fashioned, bookstore when I saw a pic of it. Barnes and Noble has nothing on you Bri.
  3. Her unwavering love for Niall Horan.
    Ditto Bri...Ditto
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