Plus 35 pounds from my 21 year old license. While partially attributed to beer consumption and sitting behind a desk all day, eating out every day at one of these many lunch places by my office is the main culprit. Here's my order breakdown, since I never switch it up.
  1. Chipotle: Burrito, White Rice, No Beans, Fajitas, Chicken, Hot Salsa, Cheese, Lettuce
    Loving the shorter lines, thanks ecoli!
  2. Potbelly: Original Turkey on White, Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, Pickle, Onion, Hot Peppers
    Throw in a cup of soup when I'm feeling particularly fat.
  3. Portillo's: Italian Beef Dry w/ Hot Peppers
    One of two people who eats their beef dry, the other is my dad.
  4. Los Burritos Tapatios: Two Pork Tacos, Cheese, Lettuce, Side Order of Rice
    Not the same atmosphere as the original Glen Ellyn location.
  5. The Patio: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
    Only eat there when I'm not the one buying.
  6. Noodles & Company: Japanese Pan Noodles w/ Chicken
    Still associate Noodles with getting my car towed right before graduating high school.
  7. Mr. Submarine: Gyro Sandwich
    Talk about healthy.
  8. Taco Bell: Taco 12-Pack
    Split two ways. Still, six low grade dog meat tacos.
  9. Panera: Half Turkey Sandwich, Cup of Broccoli Cheddar Soup
    I'm the only person in there not interviewing or pretending to get work done on their laptop.
  10. Hooters: Boneless Wings and Fries
    The food sucks and the women are overrated.