Over the course of 11 years
  1. 5. Sales
    Interned full-time the summer after graduating college. My day consisted of cold calling, send mass emails, reading sports articles, and applying to new jobs.
  2. 4. Umpire
    One summer after freshman year of high school. Problem was, too many kids wanted to umpire. Umping one or two games per week didn't cut it. Plus, some parents were way out of hand.
  3. 3. Adjuster
    For a big insurance company that you've all heard of. If it weren't for my coworkers, I would've left years ago. Watching the NCAA Tournament instead of working tomorrow.
  4. 2. Front Desk
    At a miniature golf course. Free popcorn and pop. Played free mini golf when no one was there. Occasionally made tips off birthday parties.
  5. 1. Grounds Crew
    Setup, chalked, and lined baseball fields. Got off work at 3:30 every day. Rocked a farmer's tan all summer. Only downside was working hungover super early on weekends before games started.