Inspired by @kates08
  1. 7. Main Street (2 years)
    Only lived from birth to age two, before moving a whole two blocks away.
  2. 6. Chalmers Street (1 year)
    Freshman year, Catholic dorm. Lived with my best friend though and had a maid come in weekly.
  3. 5. Sedgwick Street (2 weeks)
    Current apartment. Similar size to my last but much cheaper. Great neighborhood
  4. 4. Larrabee Street (1.5 years)
    First apartment in the city. Parking spot included. Family with young kids lived above us.
  5. 3. Euclid Street (1 year)
    Tore down an entire bathroom door and still got majority of security deposit back. Balcony allowed us to yell back and forth with drunk college kids.
  6. 2. Armory Avenue (2 years)
    Fraternity house. Dirty. Lacked toilet paper. Unhealthy food. Lived with 40 other guys, so always had someone to drink or hang out with.
  7. 1. Sunset Avenue (18 years)
    Childhood house. Then graced my parents with my presence for two years post college. Excellent backyard for wiffleball and parties. Home