Definitely left some good ones out, these are merely recent or frequent comments. @kates08
  1. "I like you Ryan. And not in a gay way."
    Said today. Abruptly transferred the call.
  2. Any term of endearment: "sweetie, honey, baby."
    Either an ego stroke or I sound young on the phone.
  3. "Where's your office?"
    Followed by a reference to the Windy City, the Cubs, or a relative of theirs who lives in Chicago.
  4. "You're the only person at that office who knows what they're talking about."
    I know.
  5. "You said your name is Brian?"
    Do I sound like I'm still wearing braces? Yes, let's just go along with Brian.
  6. "Can I talk to a manager?"
    Safe to assume I'm not management material. Was it something I said?