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  1. Whistle really loudly
    Especially Hotline Bling oh my god stopppp
  2. Make words stupid : "Shotsky" instead of shots or "Dizope" instead of dope
  3. Say stupid phrases like "shred the gnar"
    What even... Why?
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  1. Dieting
  2. The bar method
  3. Yoga/ Pilates
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  1. The bathroom at work
  2. The courtyard at work
  3. On Mulholland when I'm driving home from work
Co creator @jcspesh most just sound like Starbucks drinks
  1. Delta Chai Latte
  2. Alpha Pumpkin Pi
  3. Soy Gamma Gamma
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Don't only judge these sweet pups by their grumpy faces though. They are sweet and loving. Also checkout @Donniebarko on Instagram!
  1. I discovered Donnie Barko on Instagram and he's so grumpy and adorable
  2. He also gets very grumpy when you put silly bow ties on him
  3. They are grumpy when you scratch their Tummys
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Or a very eclectic playlist
  1. Buckets Of Rain - Bon Dylan
  2. Purple Rain - Prince
  3. Joelene - Dolly Parton
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Basically most corgi mixes just look like the other breed with a corgi body... And it's amazing (no particular order they are all my favorite)
  1. Corgi - Golden Retriever
    Golden Corgi
  2. Corgi - Great Dane
    Great Corgi
  3. Corgi - Australian Shepard
    Australian Corgi
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  1. 1.
    Absurd Cleo the dog
    The underbite
  2. 2.
    From when I sent this to @jcspesh
    Would do anything to keep the sun out of my eyes
  3. 3.
    Keep this on hand for my friends who have never seen Labyrinth
    Specifically this picture so they really understand
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This started 2 years ago on my Twitter.
  1. The Black Cauldron & The Dark Crystal
  2. Rick Ross & Rick Rubin
  3. Ducati & Bugatti
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