Things That Make Brussel Griffons Grumpy

Don't only judge these sweet pups by their grumpy faces though. They are sweet and loving. Also checkout @Donniebarko on Instagram!
  1. I discovered Donnie Barko on Instagram and he's so grumpy and adorable
  2. He also gets very grumpy when you put silly bow ties on him
  3. They are grumpy when you scratch their Tummys
  4. They do not want to be dressed like... Frogs?
  5. Or be anywhere outdoors
  6. Grass makes them grumpy
  7. Stupid outdoors grass
  8. Don't take them on walks. Leashes make them grumpy!
  9. They are grumpy when you hold them
  10. But they are just pretty grumpy in general
  11. Don't put them in a shopping cart!
  12. They're especially grumpy together!
  13. So grumpy, so cool
  14. I would be grumpy too if you snapped a pic of me while I was trying to relax on a comfy pillow
  15. And in conclusion.... Here is a grumpy baby (for good reason)