When social justice-oriented female physicians encounter dogs in heat in rural Mexico...
  1. There are a few dogs who live at the house in the small community where I'm staying this week.
  2. This morning, one of males was trying to mate with one of the smaller females.
  3. She was not interested.
    You go girl.
  4. So we shooed the male dog away.
  5. 10 hours later, they both show up at the clinic, a 10 minute hike from the house.
    Why? We'll never know.
  6. Nothing has changed. He still wants it. She still doesn't.
  7. And we can't have that.
  8. So now, this female dog is in the clinic, hanging out with us and sharing our dinner while the male scratches at the door outside.
    Don't worry, there are no patients here now.
  9. Never let it be said we didn't stand up for a lady in need.
  10. #socialjusticefordogs
  11. #socialjusticeforall