@norawornhoff This is what you wanted, right? Also inspired by requests and lists from @brynelle, @bailey, and @nwornhoff
  1. The Bronte sisters
    Sub-ranking for @brynelle: 1. Charlotte, 2. Emily, 3. Anne
  2. The Wornhoff sisters
    Only because we've written less novels. There's still time.
  3. The Schuyler sisters
    Hamilton. 🎶Angelica! Eliza!🎶 And Peggy.
  4. The Bennet sisters
    Pride and Prejudice. "... The lack of propriety shown by your mother, your three younger sisters, even on occasion your father! You and your sister I must exclude from this." Hate to say it, but Mr. Darcy has a point.
  5. The Williams sisters
    Venus and Serena, amirite? They maybe deserve to be higher but I don't have the same emotional connection to this pair. More just mad respect.
  6. The Crawley sisters
    Downton Abbey. They are mean to each other, and the best one is dead.