Gilmore Girls Characters Ranked by How Much Chill They Need to Find

I just finished a 3 year long marathon of all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls with @bailey and @brynelle and my general thoughts are that everyone in Stars Hollow needs to CALM DOWN. But that I love them anyway.
  1. 23.
    Too chill.
  2. 22.
    Maybe too much chill? Rory steals some of his chill.
  3. 21.
    Lucy and Olivia
    Super chill girls. Thank god Rory got some Yale friends besides Paris.
  4. 20.
    Max Medina
    Honestly the perfect amount.
  5. 19.
    Lorelai rocks. She has a very appropriate amount of chill even in the face of some of Rory's worst decisions, but she still gets excited, ya know? When she does lose her chill (a la Luke's ultimatum) it is justified.
  6. 18.
    Surprisingly a very good level of chill.
  7. 17.
    A shockingly solid amount of chill given her uptight home.
  8. 16.
    Richard Gilmore
    Generally chill. A golfer, which seems like a chill game. He must be where Lorelai gets it from.
  9. 15.
    Sookie St. James
    Appropriate amounts of chill. She has small children and works in a kitchen with hot stoves and sharp knives, so too much chill would be inappropriate.
  10. 14.
    Chill dude. Until he's not. But he gets better, no?
  11. 13.
    Good except for vegetables and Sookie's pregnancies.
  12. 12.
    Some chill. Makes some very irrational decisions that show a shocking lack of chill given her very chill mom, a la second round Dean and dropping out of Yale for a semester.
  13. 11.
    Chill about all the wrong things. Like his relationship and school but not about Dean.
  14. 10.
    Simultaneously too much and not enough chill. But mostly cheating on your wife with Rory?!? Not chill. Also who could forget "I'll kill you, idiot!" to Tristan.
  15. 9.
    Don't let the flannels, ball cap, and fishing fool you. The man has very little chill.
  16. 8.
    Miss Patty
    Not a lot of chill, tbh.
  17. 7.
    Babette can do no wrong. But she has very little chill.
  18. 6.
    Emily Gilmore
    While chilly, she has very little chill. But she throws a mean DAR function.
  19. 5.
    Not even a little bit of chill. But it's endearing when he talked about his chows and Celine Dion.
  20. 4.
    Mrs. Kim
    Decidedly un-chill.
  21. 3.
    The woman has no chill.
  22. 2.
    NO CHILL. Also mean and vindictive and petty. His cardigans are his only redeeming quality. Find👏🏼yourself👏🏼some👏🏼chill.
  23. 1.
    Kirk defies categorization. And also the concept of chill.