1. Thin mints
    The obvious choice. Also potentially the best cookie per dollar value.
  2. Samoas/Carmel deLites
  3. Tagalongs/Peanut Butter Patties
  4. Thanks-a-Lot
    Unremarkable, but the chocolate layer earns its place.
  5. Do-si-dos
  6. Cranberry Citrus Crisps
    Maybe trying a little too hard. The more interesting version of Trefoils.
  7. Trefoils
    They're fine I guess.
  8. *from here on I haven't tried any of these cookies and rankings are based on website descriptions only*
  9. Rah-rah Raisins
    A classic cookie. New to the Girl Scouts. I'm not sure I trust an oatmeal cookie from a box.
  10. Toffee Tastic
    Again, it's a fancy Trefoil. But my main problem with Trefoils is they're boring. So this could be a game changer.
  11. Lemonades
    It's a fancy Trefoil guys. Also it's like the citrus cranberry ones minus the cranberries?
  12. Savannah Smiles
    I like citrus but do we really need THREE citrus cookies? I think not.
  13. Trio
    It's gluten free. And God knows I love gluten. But good for you Girl Scouts for accommodating food allergies.