Most Romantic On-Screen Dances

  1. The Captain and Maria (The Sound of Music)
  2. Danny Castellano's Christmas gift (The Mindy Project)
  3. Anna Karenina and Vronsky (Anna Karenina)
  4. Baby and Johnny (Dirty Dancing)
  5. Elizabeth and Darcy (Pride and Prejudice, 2005)
  6. Natasha and Andrei (War and Peace)
  7. Rose and Jack in 3rd class (Titanic)
  8. Emma and Mr. Knightley (Emma, especially the PBS mini series) (This clip is from the Gwyneth Paltrow version because I can't find the other one)
  9. Mary and Matthew in the foyer (Downton Abbey)
  10. Viola and Will (Shakespeare in Love)
  11. Luke and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)
  12. Mia and Sebastian's tap dance (La La Land)
    Planetarium dance gets an honorable mention, but the tap dancing really does it for me