Strictly Masterpiece. I'm not getting into that Nova/local programming ish. Some mini-series included.
  1. Call the Midwife
    Love. Feminism. Babies. Nuns. British. Need I go on?
  2. Sherlock
  3. Downton Abbey
    I'm a Sybil.
  4. The Bletchley Circle
    Former WWII lady code breakers solve mysteries from their respectable British homes in the postwar years. The Imitation Game meets Agatha Christie.
  5. Poldark
    Solid romance. A little racy for PBS. Aidan Turner can get it.
  6. Cranford
    Judy Dench, Imelda Staunton, and Simon Wood aka Mr. Bingley. Sweet and funny. Most memorable line: "My father was a man. I think I know the sex."
  7. Death Comes to Pemberly
    Good. Matthew Goode.
  8. North and South
    More Elizabeth Gaskell (she also wrote Cranford). More England. More romance. "Look back; look back at me!" has never sounded so tortured.