Inspired by @nwornhoff
  1. Ravenclaw
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  2. Gryffindor
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    This was under a trap door on the porch of @nwornhoff college house when she moved in.
  3. Hufflepuff
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    This was a hand in five-handed euchre. It was not a good hand.
  4. Gryffindor/Ravenclaw
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    Gryffindor for the Patagonia, Ravenclaw for the pun.
  5. Ravenclaw
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  6. Slytherin
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  7. Gryffindor
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    My host sister at her 3rd birthday, destroying a piñata. #fierce
  8. Gryffindor
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  9. Hufflepuff
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    On the right is the priest who lives in our hall. Tell me he doesn't have the heart of a 'puff.
  10. Gryffindor
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    My dorm decor.
  11. Slytherin
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    My cat spitting fire with his eyes.
  12. Hufflepuff
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    My dog.
  13. Ravenclaw
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    It says "coffee" at the top if you couldn't tell.