Inspired by @sarahgorman
  1. The names of all of the great houses of Westeros
    Including members, pets, family histories, alliances, and feuds
  2. A detailed timeline of plots points and romantic relationships on the West Wing
  3. A little bit of chemistry
  4. A decent amount of evolutionary biology
  5. A different, highly secure but also cryptically personally meaningful password for every social media, shopping, and banking site and phone app
    Somehow this makes me feel safe? Even though I'm not really scared of being hacked because I have no money or compromising personal history?
  6. The names, faces, and personal details of most people I've been introduced to once which I sometimes tell them when we are reintroduced and they don't remember me
    Working on this
  7. Full lines of dialogue from Jane Austen novels
  8. A lot of trivia about the Salem witch trials
    I was really into this in middle school
  9. All of the lyrics to every Taylor Swift song from Fearless thru 1989
  10. Fretting about how to do good without doing harm
  11. All the points of divergence between the Lord of the Rings books and movies
  12. An episode guide for The Office