As imagined in the mind of my golden retriever mix. Some of the instincts are there ... just not all of them.
  1. Hi human! I brought you a toy because I love you!
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  2. Take it, it's for you!
  3. Oh, you don't want it? You're going to throw it?
  4. That makes me a little sad, tbh.
  5. I'll still get it though!!!
  6. Wait, did you throw it? Or did you do that fake out thing? That's not fair, you know I can't see colors!
  7. You threw it! Wait wait wait I'm going!
  8. I found it! I found it!
  9. I brought it back!
  10. It's for you, human, because I love you!
  11. OMG you scratched my ears and called me good boy, you love me too!!!!
  12. It's probably because I brought you my toy.
  13. Wait. Wait. Do you not want the toy? We just went through this.
  14. You're throwing it again?
  15. Ok. Ok, I'll get it because I love you and you seem to think I'm enjoying this.
  16. Do you see this face? This is not my excited face.
  17. I am not running, I am walking. I will get there when I get there.
  18. Do you want the toy? Really? For real this time?
  19. Because I want you to have it. Really I do.
  20. You called me good boy and scratched my head! You really did want it! I made you happy and that makes me happy!
  21. No. No, not again. Please no.
  22. I think this is some crazy mind game, and I'm not going to play any more.
  23. You know what? I don't think you really want it.
  24. This may be for some dogs, but it's not for me.
  25. I'm not going to go get it this time.
  26. I'm walking away now.
  27. But I still love you.
  28. Because you are my human and I am your dog.
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