Trope of the Day: Men Teaching Women to Shoot a Bow and Arrow 🏹

Archery: notoriously tricky, especially if you have two X chromosomes, and yet essential for aristocratic success. Thank god these men took pity on our heroines and empowered them in one of the most cinematically-pleasing symbolic ways of all.
  1. The Young Victoria
    Albert shows her how it's done. Cousins make the best lovers. Oh I'm sorry I meant archery instructors.
  2. Emma
    Given, she already knows how, but she's so much worse then Mr. Knightley. "Try not to shoot my dogs"? Adorable, but patronizing.
  3. The Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement
    It appears that even 21st century queens of small made-up countries need a man to teach them how to shoot a bow and arrow for any hope of a successful reign.
  4. Victoria (PBS mini series)
    Ernst, the brother of the Victoria's husband, conducts a flirtation with Harriet, a (married) lady in waiting, using the sexiest weapon of them all.