my dad is a very good dad and I don't outwardly appreciate him enough
  1. he's strong
    he's been through more emotional trauma than anyone I know I'm impressed he has his shit together and can raise two kids
  2. he's got his own construction company
    Dunphy Construction. it's a one man operation and he's 59 and carries boilers up flights of stairs which I think is cool
  3. he cares about my wellbeing
    he'll do a lot to make sure I'm happy, sometimes he'll do too much but he just cares a lot and it kind of makes me feel bad
  4. he's a hard worker
    he came from a poor family and always was able to maintain himself once he left home and is doing very well as a single dad and is passionate about his work
  5. he's smart
    he was very into education and navigates through the world well in his own way that makes him comfortable